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New Cleaning Association of South Africa is formed

Will represent the industry’s and employees’ interests with various stakeholders  

The Cleaning Association of South Africa (CASA) will be a unifying and regulatory body for all employers in the cleaning industry and those that are associated with the industry such as chemicals and equipment suppliers, facilities management and in-house cleaning departments from private and public sectors.

An elected Chairman and his committee of subject experts of the different portfolios will address  the members’ topics of common interest. The portfolio Chairman will also form part of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Clive Damonze, President, CASA said: “I understand that cleaning norms have changed and cleaning for health has become the new norm. The health of the country depends on an association’s competencies.”

Education and training of member companies and their employees has become vitally important. CASA intends to promote and facilitate skills development through the Professional Body for Environmental Health of South Africa (PBEHSA) and the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and qualified training providers.

It also aims to be the custodian and the voice of the South African cleaning industry, engaging with the Government, corporate South Africa and labour organisations. It will collaborate with the global cleaning industry, its partners and alliances, associates and various other stakeholders.

CASA also aims to bring standardisation to the business service sector by integrating into the  circular economy, especially focusing on sustainability.

It will promote the interests of its members by: 

  • Affiliating and forming alliances with national and international cleaning associations and  participating fully in its activities and programmes
  • Endorsing and forming alliances with local and global trade journals of the cleaning  industry. All members will receive links to access copies of these publications.
  • Providing a platform for debate on matters affecting members.
  • Communicating the industry’s priorities to policy makers, by way of submissions on any proposed legislation by which the interests of the members and the industry will be affected.
  • Advising members on matters affecting the relationship between themselves and their  employees.
  • Co-operating and building more cooperative relationships with trade unions representing  employees in the cleaning industry.
  • Working with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) to deal  with matters which affect members or the industry.
  • Sharing the latest innovation information.

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