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Prashant Sule has been appointed as the CEO of the Arrow Care division of Arrow GreenTech Ltd, which focuses on innovation to ensure a sustainable future through maximum environmental care.

Arrow GreenTech, a company that vouches spearhead only Green Solutions, true to its name “Arrow GreenTech” was established in the year 1992. With a high degree of specialization and quality-service it has become one of the most established companies in India and is positioned as a potential player on the world map of green packaging technology. Based on Watersol™, water Soluble film, the company developed India’s first Water-Soluble Capsulated Hygiene chemicals, Klenz Pro™, designed to provide efficiency with the best safety measures and serving a list of highly discerning clientele. Their expertise works to provide solutions, applications and management systems in the health, hygiene, packaging, printing and security industries.

The Arrow Care division, launched in January 2016, covers a wide range of exclusive products for cleaning of various surfaces, food production facilities, kitchen stewarding and laundry processes. The solutions are packed in pre-dosed encapsulated form and/or with automated dosing dispensers. It also provides fragrance system for large areas. All these are manufactured under the European Union Green Certification in Spain by Proquimia. Prashant Sule will oversee the entire operations in India and the SAARC countries. Quoting his statement on the new appointment – “It is exciting to have such an opportunity given to me when I was just about ready for the rocking chair. Undoubtedly, I will leave no stone unturned in taking Arrow Care/Klenz Pro to great heights.”

Prashant Sule is a veteran from the Hospitality Industry, whose tryst with the Cleaning Industry began at the start of the Millennium. Having gone through various small and large Facility management companies in the country and having handled PAN India assignments, he was given a task to grow PCI joint venture with Cannon Hygiene in the year 2007 which he grew to a sizable figure during his decade long stint with them. The company grew from 2007 to 2016 at a CAGR of an astounding 42%! Following his retirement, he has now come on board of the Arrow GreenTech Ltd.

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