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Nettuno, founder member of the Italian Cleaning Manufacturers Team, is celebrating 40 years in business with thec: large wipes made from lightly abrasive non-woven fabric, which are designed to remove heavy duty dirt from the hands when soap and water are not available. Sendy Wipes come in a tub – ideal for the workstation or individual sachets – for those on the move.

According to the company, “It is important to wash your hands; however, soap and water are not always available. Just think of truck drivers, mechanics, construction workers and installers – but especially workers who cannot leave their work station often during the day, even though they get dirty.” Ignoring hygiene is risky and can lead to annoying occupational diseases being contracted due to harmful substances penetrating the skin. So what can be done? Sendy Wipes are designed to solve this problem: they easily remove adhesives, paint, oil, petrol, bitumen and grease, but are also effective against polyurethane, epoxies, foams, polyester and ink. They contain lanolin which moisturises the skin and prevents dryness and irritation – and are enriched with an effective anti-bacterial agent.

This is tested by an independent laboratory in accordance with BS EN 1276:1997 and BSN 12054:1995, which guarantees safe and absolute cleaning.

– Source: Cleanzine

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