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Cleanest places in the world: Most of the European countries are clean, pristine and very well maintained. In India, Konkan stretch (Maharashtra) is worth visiting, because it is still unexploited by us (humans) and has managed to retain its old world charm. Even our metros and tier II & tier III cities are regularly cleaned and maintained well by the local authorities. So you can’t just look into one or two aspects and declare which city is clean and which one is not.

Views on cleanliness: A lot depends on the kind of education one receives. Education is not restricted to just textbooks; we look at our parents, siblings, teachers and elders in the family and learn our first lessons on cleanliness from them. So, when a child notices his/her parents or teachers spitting, littering or throwing garbage in public places, they begin to follow that. It is like a chain. I feel sorry for those people who litter or throw things in public places because they have not received the right kind of education on cleanliness and hygiene. You can’t blame them. In the past, I have spoken to a couple of people who were spitting and littering in the open. I don’t think it made any difference. Now, I’ve stopped advising. Let people decide what’s good or bad for them.

Cleanliness practices: I prefer a well-organised and neat space whether at home or at work. At home, it is not only me but even my wife is very particular about cleanliness and hygiene. At the studios or on locations, the situation is not always the same. Especially on busy days, one can’t expect a sparkling, clean and well-maintained studio. One has to adjust to one’s surroundings.

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