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NCH helps Hotels in biological wastewater treatment

With wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and public areas to consider, hotels need a solution that is affordable, easy to maintain and, most of all, effective. To prevent blockages, many hotels are turning to biological drain products to ‘clean’ wastewater.

NCH provides an advanced biological concentrate that improves effluent flows throughout the drain network, reduces foul odours and provides more sanitary environments. “Our solution for hotels is a patented product unlike any of its competitor solutions, in that it creates a seamless environmental maintenance plan for any hotel kitchen,” reveals Richard Swanborough, regional technical manager at NCH Asia.

“NCH solution provides bacteria that are live and begin feeding and multiplying the instant they enter the wastewater stream or drain system. Hotels using the NCH system have found that with fewer blockages and less odour, they are seeing big savings in money and time without feeling like they have to cut corners or damage the environment.”

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