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NanoTouch create cleaner healthcare facilities

NanoTouch Materials, in Forest, Virginia, has used new advances in nanotechnology to create NanoSeptic selfcleaning surfaces, enabling healthcare facilities to achieve a higher level of cleanliness. NanoSeptic skins and mats turn dirty high traffic touchpoints, such as reception counters, door handles, and over-the-bed tray tables into continuously selfcleaning surfaces. Using a combination of proprietary material science, the NanoSeptic surface incorporates a mineral nanocrystal which is charged by visible light and creates an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach.

“When we were conducting research, we knew we wanted to use technology rather than toxins,” says Mark Sisson, cofounder of NanoTouch Materials. “Not only do the surfaces work 24/7, but they contain no chemicals, diluted poisons or heavy metals.

Lauren Bennett, director of operations for Central VA Family Physicians, says: “Our patients love the NanoSeptic touch points and other self-cleaning products in our facility. Now we can have these products professionally maintained and replaced for as little as $1 per day per facility. That’s an amazingly low price to pay for the peace of mind this service provides for our patients and staff.”

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