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Saturday , 25 January 2020
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Nanotechnological solution for laundry

Jaksmart is an innovative and world patented nanotechnological solution from Jakbrillo, a company from Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra.

The product is used for ‘healthy value addition’ to the existing day-today market products with unique attributes like health safe, non-toxic, long durability, eco-friendly usage, simple application and WHO approved active principles. Jaksmart solutions provide unique effects like mosquito repellency, mite and bed bug repellency, bacterial and odor protection to effectively provide advanced level of health safety in daily usage besides being used in sectors like textiles, paints, furniture, ceramics, hotels, hospitals and laundry.

These products can be simply used in laundry as an additive and once washed, provide a repellency effect from mosquitoes or bacteria or bed bugs which lasts up to next 15 washes. It can also be applied as a paint additive by simply mixing Jaksmart liquids with paints manually. Once painted on a building, it will provide repellency from mosquitoes, bacteria or termites for up to four years.

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