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NanoTech hygiene cloth from Vileda

Vileda Professional has developed a new NanoTech micro cloth which enables hygienic and healthy cleaning. Certified by BMA, the ultra fine microfibre cloth containing silver nano particles can remove up to 99.9% of micro organisms. The silver particle which efficiently prevents bacterial growth, does not fade away even after washing.

NanoTech micro is manufactured from patented endless microfiber Freudenberg technology where Nanosilver particles are embedded in the actual microfibre strands (not the binder). This guarantees strong antibacterial performance even after 200 wash cycles (certified by German Institute of Hohenstein). The microfibre cloth is designed for all areas with specific hygiene issues such as hospitals, nursing homes, OT, hotels, restaurants, public areas and schools. It can be used on any wet surface and is ideal for both the spray and pre-prepared wiping methods.

Vileda Professional’s product line is supplied in India by Freudenberg Gala Household Products Pvt Ltd.

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