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‘NanoStrike’ Technology secures Indoor Air Quality of Warehouses

dilip patil

Dilip Patil

Dilip Patil, Managing Partner, Trivector Biomed LLP writes about why plasma coil-based air cleaning is the best bet for warehouses from among many choices in the market

The Problem:

Besides the spread of Covid-19 through air, warehouse occupants are constantly subjected to air pollutants like exhaust fumes, chemical emissions, sand, rubber and wood dust from tires, packing material, mold and fungus due to high humidity. Carbon monoxide, the gas most prevalent in warehouses, causes dizziness, weakness, headaches, nausea, visual disturbance, confusion, chest pain and sometimes unconsciousness.

Certain methods of air cleaning have already been deployed by some warehouses. Natural ventilation (keeping windows/doors open) may not be practical for India’s tropical and polluted environment. Mechanical ventilation like HVAC which uses HEPA filters is expensive to install, run and maintain. Chemical fumigation, ozone generators and UV lights provide an effect which is a point-in-time temporary solution which can’t be used around human-beings. The harmful by-products of technologies like ionisation (air-purifiers) are detrimental to human health and are not advised to be used around vulnerable individuals.

The Solution: ‘NanoStrike’- Plasma based air-disinfection Devices

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. When the gas/air is energised, a destructive plasma discharge occurs. NanoStrike technology utilises plasma coils to provide a deadly strike to all harmful airborne pathogens as they pass through the plasma field, obliterating them at the DNA/RNA level inside the machine.

Microorganisms are exposed directly to the plasma discharge, as opposed to by-products of the discharge as the air flows over the coils. Inactivation occurs on the surface of the plasma coil and/or near the surface as the air flows fully around the outer surface of the coil. What comes out is medically disinfected air, safe to be consumed by occupants.

The clinical tests and validation of NanoStrike technology has been done independently by reputed labs like NASA. This device is also tested on the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus, TB etc. with a kill rate of up to 99.997%. This Class II medical device technology certified by US-FDA, CE, ISO, OSHA and UL has been used all over the world including India.

NanoStrike Portable Air Disinfection Technology delivers:

  • No harmful by-products of the disinfection process.
  • No colonisation of bacterial and fungal spores or endotoxin emissions associated with filtration(trap) technologies.
  • No biohazard waste that can lead to secondary level infection.
  • With silent operation, minimal power consumption and nearly zero maintenance, this green technology seems to be the future of air-borne infection control.
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