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Nagpur University to develop six institutes as models of cleanliness

Dedicates 2% of budget to this cause

Nagpur University will develop its six colleges from four districts as role models under various parameters of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA and felicitate the best among them.

They will be provided with guidelines on promoting renewable energy like solar panels, water and waste management and green energy. It will also include e-waste management and promoting awareness on health and environment. All these colleges will be evaluated on various parameters till October 2, this year and the best one would be rewarded by the university as well as the central government. The colleges will be monitored continuously for their cleanliness drive in and around their campus.

The colleges will also be getting national rankings if they perform exceptionally. Once developed, they will be promoted as SBA ambassadors and other institutions will visit them to study and replicate their models. The students and staffers not only need to keep their campuses clean, but also prepare posters and banners for propagating messages in this regard and organise events and rallies for spreading awareness in society

Nagpur University has allocated 2% of its budget for implementing SBA in its colleges and these six institutions will also get financial help for the project.

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