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My Eco Energy to produce Bio-Diesel

Pune based My Eco Energy company has recently announced its foray into Indian Bio-Diesel market. The company will manufacture, distribute, market and retail bio-diesel made from oil-waste. With no modifications required in a diesel engine, this bio-diesel will not only help in reducing the carbon footprints by 70-80% but also the dependence on traditional fuel mediums in India.

Announcing My Eco Energy’s foray into the Indian Bio-Diesel market, Santosh Verma, Director, My Eco Energy told Clean India Journal, “Looking at the current scenario of the dependency on non-renewable fuel systems, there is a growing demand for a non-petroleum based fuel. It is this demand that Bio-Diesel by My Eco Energy addresses. The company is in a process to acquire bio-diesel plants across Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. While the necessary investments will be made through 3:2 mixing of equity and debt, present focus will be on Maharastra only.

“Our endeavour is to maximise the utilisation of bio-diesel to bring about a revolution in the domestic fuel consumption, and to reduce the dependence on foreign fuel imports. By doing this, we are contributing our bit to strengthen our economy by reducing the expenses incurred on importing fuel.”

The company would deploy Esterfication and Trans-esterification to convert oil waste and Used Cooked Oil (UCO) into bio-diesel, and the present plan is to sell the fuel in its pure form so that it won’t come under the petroleum act. But, a user is free to blend it with diesel, said Verma. Talking about the strategy with Clean India Journal, Santosh said, “The pricing of the fuel will be around Rs2, less than that of normal diesel. With the fact that bio-diesel has higher Cetane number, the oxidized bio-diesel manufactured by us, will give greater mileage and therefore, will be more economical as well.”

To attain a significant customer base, My Eco Energy has outlined a strategic marketing road-map to reach the domestic market segments. Presently, My Eco Energy primarily caters to Maharashtra and other neighbouring states in the initial phase with operations spread across 20 distributorship across Maharashtra. Future plans include extending its network force to over 250 dealer owned retail pumps in Maharashtra within one year.

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