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The magazine’s presentation and approach towards the subject matter is perfect, particularly the ones related to cleaning equipment and facility management. But, there is a need to focus on technology, technical product/component reviews and cleaning agents that is used in the hospital set up. The product reviews, specifically in case of chemicals must carry laboratory results verifying that the product has been tested, the formulation details, the results produced, the variations under Indian conditions and so on.

I had visited the last Clean India Show in Mumbai last November and met chemical suppliers. While products did not mention the chemical formulations on label, the exhibitors were not prepared to reveal the details. Even the product write-ups featured in Clean India Journal mention the technical details, which are necessary information that the user must know. It will be commendable if Clean India Journal could also publish the formulation in the product write ups. We as microbiologists are not interested in what a chemical claims to clean and what colour it has, but the formulations that enable us to decide whether the product is suitable for a particular application.

Sanjeev G Kulkarni
Associate Professor-Microbiology,
Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences



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