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I was born in Delhi and if I compare it to Mumbai, its greenery and wide roads are a plus point which are lacking in Mumbai. But Mumbai is home now. I love everything about it – its spirit, its stimulating quality and its people are fantastic. Delhi is merely a nostalgic memory while Mumbai is home. Most of my friends and part of my family are here and I love the space it gives to live our lives as we please.

But, on the flip side, Mumbai is overpopulated. The roads are poor, the sidewalks almost non existent. When you leave home you don’t know when you’ll be back. You are completely at the mercy of the traffic and its rules; or lack of them. Everyone does as he pleases but again, in times of crisis everyone comes together and gives a hand. It’s a place where you can go out in the night without feeling afraid, though after these attacks I wonder if all that has changed.

When I came into Mumbai as a single girl, it suited my independent nature and today when I have a growing daughter of my own; it still feels safe to raise her here, that’s what Mumbai means to me – safe and secure.

Mumbai’s traffic is something I would like to change. It could be controlled better. The next thing is the garbage. If we can manage these two things, Mumbai is a lovely place. What I love best about Mumbai is the Marine Drive stretch. I always wish we had something like that in the suburbs too. But really I wouldn’t change anything about Mumbai. Its spirit is amazing – it survives on it’s own spirit and that’s very admirable.

as told to Lata Khubchandani

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