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buzilA good cleaning product enables ease-of-use, affordability and efficacy, ensuring that one experiences the benefits of a clean and well sanitised environment within a set budget. Blitz Citro from Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd is one of those products that offers multiple benefits of a multi-purpose cleaner.

There have been many products in the market tailored specifically to a substrate. Conventional wisdom states that each substrate being different will have different properties and hence, will accumulate different kinds of dirt and soil on it. The variability of the surface usually means that one would need to tailor a specific cleaning formulation to each substrate. However, a multipurpose cleaning product like Blitz Citro bypasses these limitations through the innovative use of surfactant chemistry, honed by many decades of German experience and research in the cleaning industry. Furthermore, this chemical also adheres to the twin pillars of sustainability and environmental friendliness that is the guiding principle for all products at Buzil-Rossari Pvt. Ltd.


Its neutral pH formulation means it is friendly to the operators who use it regularly and its wide breadth of applications means it prevents the possibility of confusion or cross contamination.

It works as a daily maintenance cleaner for any water-resistant surface like sealed wooden floors, plastics, safety tiles, porcelain stoneware tiles, ceramics, brass and copper. The cleaning agents are even effective in removing pencil and ballpoint pen stains, as well as glue and other adhesive residues. The proprietary mix dries very quickly without leaving any streaks or stains which means lesser apprehension and quicker turnaround times. It exhibits very strong cleaning action and provides a shine to the surface on which it is used.

The product comes in a highlyconcentrated form which requires lower dosages of 2-5 ml/L in cleaning dilutions (four times less than the average product available in the market). This means the customer has to spend less on storage and transport with the added benefit of lowering the CO2 emissions per kg. This is truly in keeping with the Buzil Rossari philosophy of looking at the ecological footprint of the entire supply chain while designing the product.

The biggest advantage of a highly effective multipurpose cleaner such as Blitz Citro would be that it takes away the end user’s confusion of having to choose the right cleaning solution for each individual surface. The non-corrosive and non-toxic nature of the product means that one can use it peacefully and rest assured that it will not damage or degrade any of the valuable surfaces, fittings or floors.

Along with its many environmental benefits, Blitz Citro is a truly remarkable all-in-one cleaning package which should be a part of every serious cleaning portfolio.

Technical Specifications
• pH: 6.8 – 7.2
• Dilution: 2-5ml per litre
 • Usage: For manual cleaning with microfibre towel or mop

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