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Mumbai-based Alpha Products specialises in customised formulations for surface maintenance. SANIQUIK Toilet Bowl Cleaner, available in ready-to-use five-litre packs, enables effective cleaning of Indian and Western style toilet bowls. It can also be used to clean bathroom wall tiles and ceramic floor tiles. Saniquik has to be applied around the rim of the toilet bowl and rinsed after just 10 to 15 minutes. It is not recommended to be used on steel and surfaces in contact with food.

MARBINOL – EXTRA Floor Cleaner Concentrate is a high foaming, fragrant and effective cleaner for all types of surfaces in hotels, restaurants, corporates and banquet halls. Available in five litres pack, Marbinol Extra can be used for regular mopping and also for wet mopping and scrubbing with machines. In order to remove stains and grease, Marbinor Extra should not be diluted.


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