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Kleanfix Chemicals Pvt Ltd has come up with a range of products

K102 – All in One is a highly efficient all-purpose cleaner concentrate. It is meant for cleaning of all kinds of floors, surfaces & materials without causing damage or disfigurement and for removal of water soluble & oily soils such as liquid residue, sugar, salt, fingerprint smudges, food residue etc. It is suitable for both manual and mechanical cleaning. Has refreshing lime fragrance. K102 can be effectively used to clean floors in factories, workshops, hotels and restaurants, public areas, office blocks, toilets, heavily soiled areas in service stations. The cleaner can be applied with mop, scrubbed if necessary and rinsed off. It is foaming and ensures complete rinsing. Suitable for scrubbing with single disc machines and automatic scrubber-driers. It contains mixed additives and special ingredients to enhance cleaning performance.

K22 – Gentle Liquid Soap is a white, pleasantly perfumed hand wash. Its rich creamy lather is gentle on skin. Unlike other hand wash products, the ingredients in Gentle hand cleanser are able to keep the skin soft and supple, even when hands are washed many times in quick succession. It can be easily dispensed through any refill / top-fill dispensers. Gentle is so formulated that, about 3 – 5ml is sufficient for a good hand wash. This makes it extremely cost-effective. A dose of the product is to be applied onto the hands. The product have a mix impact of freshness, smoothness and fragrance.

K9 – Scale remover is a fully formulated cleaner for cleaning all fittings and walls in the bathroom viz. sink, tub, tiles and fittings. It is specifically formulated for hard water conditions. Regular usage of K9 prevents scale deposition on walls and fittings. Spray K9 onto clean cloth / sponge. Apply it to all surfaces to be cleaned (sink, tub, tile). Mildly scrub to remove dirt, stains, etc. Pay special attention to taps, soap holders and all other metal surfaces. Rinse with plain water. The flush handle, the toilet seat cover and the outer bowl need to be cleaned and wiped with K9 after the toilet bowl has been cleaned. Polish all metal surfaces with a dry cloth leaving them clean and free from smears. For day-to-day maintenance, K9 can also be used with spray-and-wipe method.

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