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Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Multi Steam Vac Machine

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd has introduced New Steamy which combines steam cleaning and detergent spraying functions. New Steamy is enabled with multiple cleaning systems — clean with steam only, water only, steam and water, and steam and detergent.

To exploit the full potential of steam, IPC has developed a series of multipurpose machines which produce and deliver steam, detergent, spray extraction with suction.

Model IPC -New Steamy

Boiler volume : 2.7lt
Working pressure:  5 / 0.5 (Bar / MPa)
Steam temperature:  140 0C
Steam volume:  80 G/Min
absorbed power:  (1-230V-50Hz) 3000
Watt Tank Capacity :7lt
Dimension (L x W x H): 45 x 29 x 47
Weight: 12kg

Steam molecules in continuous movement, have a cleaning action directly proportional to the temperature and the pressure with which the steam itself is supplied, melting efficiently even the hardest dirt.

Cleaning action

  • Great penetration ability
  • It reaches deeply any area to clean

Degreasing action

  • It melts the dirt very quickly
  • It makes easy to remove the hardest dirt like grease and oil

Sanitizing and disinfecting action

  • The thermal shock creates by the steam reduces drastically the microbic charge
  • The system fights also the pathogenic microorganisms (infections)
  •  No need of special products like chemicals

Decontaminating action

  • It eliminates the contaminating effects of biological and chemical substances
  • Necessary above all to remove residuals and not only

Suction action

  • Safe collect of what it has been removed (solid and liquid) like dirt
  • Suction system is also independent from steam use

IPC generators supply high temperature steam (between 120° and 150°C) melting, removing and holding the dirt and everything that composes it (germs, grease, bacteria and mites), like a powerful surfactant, but natural.

IPC steam generators are also powerful vacuum cleaners both for dust and liquid, and are moreover equipped with a wide range of accessories that makes them ideal for many applications.


HO.RE.CA. (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering)

  • Toilets, kitchens, floors and walls coverings, mattresses and carpets
  • Quick clean with absolute hygiene quality


  •  School rooms,theaters and cinemas.
  • Ideal solution in small spaces with strong decontaminating power


  • Means of transport on wheels, rails and sea.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of passengers areas


  • Important on all supply chain, from production, to packaging till distribution.
  • Efficient disinfection without the need of chemical products, ensuring the highest hygiene


  •  Machineries, moulds, difficult to reach components
  •  Strong penetration ability and degreasing power


  • Hospitals, medical/veterinary clinics, dental clinics, rest homes and ambulances.
  • Solutions to prevent damages related to hygiene, that are of main importance


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