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MP Power to outsource mechanised cleaning

Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Co Ltd (MPPGCL), a wholly owned company of the State Government, is looking out for contractors for condenser tubes cleaning using bullets shot method in condenser Unit No.1 of Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station (SGTPS), Birsinghpur. The cleaning will be done using especially designed phosphorous Bronze bullets.

Talking about the attributes of the technology, AK Saxena, Executive Engineer told Clean India Journal, “Silting and soft scaling is more effectively done by bullet shot method because the heat transfer in this procedure is more as compared to nylon brush cleaning with water jet done earlier.” The technology involves rubber balls of particular composition shot by guns for inside scaling and removal of the impurities. The bullets moving through the tube from one end to the other, scrape off the deposits and corrosion scales, resulting in a clean surface inside the tube, ideal for good heat transfer.

As per the recent tender document, “The contractor will have to arrange the requisite material, consumables, manpower, T&P and also scaffolding to complete the work successfully in all respects. It includes bullets, hoses, jetting nozzles, safety equipment, high power lighting torches and hand lamps (with DC bulb), etc., to carry out the work round the clock.”


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