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Most impactful ride-on industrial sweeper

Environment friendly, fuel efficient and silent

Comac India Pvt Ltd’s CS80/CS90/CS110 ride-on industrial sweepers have extremely limited dimensions and are very robust at the same time. They are available in three different working widths: 112cm (CS80), 122cm (CS90) or 142cm (CS110). CS110 .


Outdoor and indoor surfaces in industrial environments, department stores, camping sites, squares and car parks up to 30,000sq m.

▪ Three types of power supply: battery, diesel and biofuel to meet different cleaning needs
▪ The hydraulic system is designed to reduce waste and keep oil temperature within optimum values, that increases performance and minimizes the use of energy
▪ Brushes lift by means of two comfortable independent levers
▪ The autonomy of the battery-powered version can be up to 4 hours
▪ It guarantees maximum driving comfort for the operator at all times and provides maximum reliability. All the main functions such as traction, lifting and emptying of the waste container, brush rotation, dust vacuum are hydraulic.
▪ Automatic emptying: The vacuum is activated by a hydraulic motor, and the discharge height can be up to 1.4m
▪ A fabric pocket filter, with a large filtering surface – 7 sq m (CS80)/ 8 sq m (CS90-CS110) – lasts a very long time and ensures excellent results even in environments where there is a lot of fine dust.
▪ No maintenance is required thanks to the regular use of the electrical filter shaker
▪ The pressure and the height adjustment of the central brush based on its degree of wear can be easily controlled using the knob near the brush itself.
▪ Floating and self-adjusting central brush keeps in contact with the ground all the time
▪ The vacuumed air is discharged through grilles located high up on the machine.
▪ Besides reducing mechanical stress, the large diameter wheels also make working more comfortable.
▪ The coaxial turbine offers excellent vacuum performance and a significant reduction in maintenance
▪ The vacuum turbine (installed directly on the waste container) is controlled by the hydraulic motor, guaranteeing constant performance over time.

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