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Mohali to see cleaner days

Dross, an eco-friendly machine to convert waste into manure

A first of its kind machine to process multiple types of garbage has been developed by Dross Management System and Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  The product Dross is able to dispose of wet or dry waste/garbage without any pollution. With a capacity of 1 tonne, the machine converts waste into refuse-derived fuel of high-calorific value, which can also be used as compost.

The device has been created to tackle the garbage menace in the city of Mohali which now hopes to make good use of this waste.  Amardeep Sharma, Chairman of the company was inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative and designed the machine in 2014.

The constant piling up of garbage around the city encouraged him to research, develop and successfully deploy this machine in the city. Sharma said, “Any kind of waste can be put into this machine and it will turn it into powder within 24 to 45 minutes.  If we put dry garden waste into the machine, it will turn it into manure.”

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