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Modular spraying systems for scrubber driers

Components are detachable from one another

IP Cleaning India Pvt Ltd’s IPC Modular Spraying System – 4 in 1: The modular spraying unit fitted on IPC scrubbers, easily convertible into stand-alone use to spray on floors, tricky areas and vertical surfaces. Built in and portable plug- in system, easily retrofittable on IPC scrubber driers. Spraying solutions for all kinds of needs.

  1. Scrub-dry-spray: Sprayer easily mounted on the back of an IPC scrubber drier, activated by the operator directly from drive position. All in-one solution for deep cleaning plus rear spraying.
  2. Includes possibility of spraying lance from operator position.
  3. Trolley Spray: Spraying tank and trolley can be easily detached from the scrubber and used manually. Excellent for high productivity in small-medium spaces. Manual lance always available when necessary.
  4. Backpack Spray: Spraying tank that can be easily detached from the trolley and used as backpack sprayer. Studied to be used in small and difficult to reach areas.

Retrofittable on IPC scrubber drier models: CT 80 CT 110 CT 160 CT 230

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