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Microfibre cloth for one-step cleaning and disinfection

Unique weave leaves 30% disinfectant on surfaces

Product Code: CIJ 6/19-1381

ARCORA International GmbH’s ECO-LINE 2IN1 microfiber cloth is the perfect cloth for extensive and successful disinfection cleaning in general areas, especially in the healthcare sector. The low grammage, along with high quality of recycled yarns and special laser-cut technology, enables perfect results. One cloth can withstand up to 60-100 laundry cycles.

Many problems during disinfection occur by disregarding the exposure time of the disinfectants on the surfaces. The ECO-LINE 2IN1 microfiber cloth ensures perfect disinfection results with compliance of the required exposure time and optimal cross-linking. The cloth enables the user to avoid any mistakes in the disinfection process and make sure that the disinfection is done the right way.

Thanks to the weaving procedure, the cloth only absorbs 70% of the disinfectant and leaves 30% of the disinfectant on the surface. The 30% damp residue ensures that the disinfectants can work on the surfaces and eliminate bacteria within 30-60 seconds without leaving any stripes.

No instructions are needed for the user, which means that the user can directly work on surfaces without taking care of exposure time. This makes the user more comfortable, saves a lot of working time and ensures the required disinfection. The cloth is both washable and reusable.


  • 2IN1: Clean and disinfect in one
  • Clean, streak-free surfaces, thanks to the yarn blend
  • Ensures the required exposure time
  • Optimal cross-linking of disinfectants on the surfaces
  • Alternative to disposable wipes, as they can be reused several times
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Ideal for disinfecting medical equipment
  • Lint-free and stable in shape
  • Disinfection cloth guarantees the right process with the required exposure time
  • Environmentally friendly, made of recycled yarn
  • Ensures that the end user avoids any mistakes in the process
  • Saving a lot of costs and working time, very end-user friendly
  • Due to the light weight of the cloth, there are cost savings in the laundry process


The cloth can be used dry with disinfectants, for preparation as well as dry and wet cleaning on surfaces. It is particularly suitable for use in the healthcare sector such as doctors’ clinics and nursing homes.

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