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MG Tissues:Solution for Hygiene, Comfort & Utility

Sheikh AnwarMumbai based MG Tissues, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of tissue papers and allied products, set up operations in 2007. The company which started in a small way has grown to a pan India level in a short span of time. “Tissues are so versatile that it easily finds its usage in every kind of work,” says Sheikh Anwar, Director.

Paper napkins and allied tissues are widely used in hygiene conscious circles, as it is easily available, is handy and is easy to dispose off. Unlike in the Gulf where tissues are widely used, there is only about 20% usage in India. “In India, where everything is attached to the price of the product, to promote and increase tissue paper consumption, it is essential to keep the price low and provide good quality tissues.”

MG Tissues is distributed from several major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kerala, Aurangabad and Goa. “We also supply to different companies through a distributor. Our tissues are used by Reliance, TATA Motors, Honda and many such companies. We also customize tissues as per the customer requirement. Besides, we also manufacture tissues for specific requirements like tissues to wrap certain auto parts at Honda and also for work-specific use. We also make signature tissues for companies.”

Striving to be recognised for the quality and hard work in the market, “Our tissues are of good quality and consistency at affordable price. Every tissue is made at appropriate GSM to ensure quality. Customer service is prime to us and in case there is any damage to the product at the time of delivery, we quickly replace it the very next day.”

There is a “personal touch given to the products made by our team”. Sold at reasonable margins, MG Tissues has retained its simplicity even in packaging “as we do not believe in fooling people with glossy packets.

“We make all types of tissues for kitchens, beauty parlours, cars, homes, for travellers, washrooms, parties and picnics. These are much more hygienic than a handkerchief because once used it can be easily discarded. It decomposes easily too.

“Besides, personal use, we make JRT tissue rolls for software engineers and to wipe the carbon on machines. We reach out to industries like food, hospitality and health care. We also make an operation kit which contains tissues that are perfect to absorb blood and clean spillage during operation. Such kits are used by many leading hospitals in Mumbai.”

Whatever the usage, tissues have its importance. “In order to make students and children hygiene conscious we are planning to launch miniature tissue packets for students which will be launched in Diwali. I began my career in a small tissue making company while I was still a student and I would like to be a part of every child’s comfort level and create a more hygienic generation.”

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