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Metalwork units need housekeeping mettle

Jagmohan Syal, CEO, IUP Jindal Metals & Alloys Ltd

Jagmohan Syal, CEO, IUP Jindal Metals & Alloys Ltd takes us inside his company’s Bahadurgarh plant in Haryana to demonstrate how metal and steel facilities need to be cleaned and maintained.

What government norms for cleaning and hygiene, if any, are required to be implemented at the plant?

The Factories Act, 1948 – Chapter III speaks about health. In this chapter, cleaning and hygiene practices are well described and need to be implemented in the plant.

What cleaning challenges do you face at your manufacturing facility?

In a continuous production plant, the cleaning of the shop floor amid running machines is a major challenge. During cleaning, there is a possibility of fugitive emission at the workplace area. Oily cotton residue is disposed of through the Total Solid Waste Disposal Facility.

How do you overcome these challenges?

  • Trained and experienced persons are being deployed in the continuous production plant.
  • Safety induction training is being provided to all housekeeping staff.
  • In tool box meetings, the workplace hazards are being informed and explained to housekeeping staff for their better awareness.
  • Proper supervision is being done by the housekeeping supervisor in continuous production plants to ensure safety and safe practices are being followed during the housekeeping activity.
  • Beside the above, proper ventilation and exhaust systems have been provided wherever possible.

What cleaning machines, tools and chemicals do you use to do this?

  • Roads are being cleaned regularly by housekeeping staff under proper supervision
  • Portable vacuum cleaner is being used for shop floor cleaning.
  • Beside the above, hard broom, soft broom, road dusters, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner and phenyl, desk, table and glass cleaner, naphthalene balls for urinals, Odonil for toilets, yellow duster, white duster for mopping, checked duster, wiper, dry mop, wet mop, toilet brush, dustpan, room spray (air freshener), liquid soap, detergent powder etc. are used for cleaning purpose.

How do you deal with waste scrap metal pieces?

Waste scrap metal pieces are segregated according to their category and sold to recyclers for the remelting process.

How do you control dust in the indoor air?

  • By providing proper ventilation at indoor/ shop floor areas.
  • Portable vacuum cleaner is being used for shop floor cleaning.
  • By providing an exhaust system in the indoor/closed area like packing area.
  • By using Turbo Exhaust System, Fume Extraction Unit, Heavy Industrial Exhaust Fans etc.

Beside this we carry out work zone monitoring as per Factory Rules for measuring particulate matter, noise, Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and carbon monoxide. We also carry out Ambient Air Quality Monitoring as per CPCB guidelines to assess the ambient air quality of the plant.

What special training needs to be imparted to housekeeping personnel who work in the steel sector?

  • Induction training to all housekeeping personnel at the time of joining.
  • On-the job training
  • Training on 5 S’s.

What role do third-party service providers play in housekeeping and overall facility management?

As far as the housekeeping service of our plant is concerned, we have an in-house housekeeping team and systems but for specialised and overhead cleaning jobs , we take the help of third party service providers. In this, the housekeeping service provider is taking the entire responsibility to provide housekeeping manpower, housekeeping material, machines and equipment to clean that particular area.

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