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  • Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd has come up with Metapol (G 505), a superior metal polish that cleans and polishes. It cleans heavily soiled and tarnished metal surfaces and materials, especially stainless steel, nickel, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, aluminium and eloxal. It is also suitable for non-metal surfaces like plastic, glass, ceramic and ceran hobs. It gives excellent results in areas handling foodstuffs.

Technical data

  • pH value: 9-10
  • Colour: white
  • Packing drum sizes/unit: 4 x 5lt Cans in a carton
  • Ingredients: <5% anionic
  • surfactants, <5% nonionic surfactants, <5% phosphates, contains preservation agents and perfumes and auxiliary agents
  • Percentage of readily biodegradable components according to OECD 301 or regulation on detergents: 86.5%
  • Theoretical oxygen demand: 100mg/g
  • Phosphorus content (calculated as elemental phosphorus): 5mg/g.


  • Intensive cleaning action
  • Material compatible
  • Protects treated surfaces
  • Skin compatible
  • Suitable for use in areas
  • Pleasant fragrance


Metapol is a ready-to-use product. Apply a small amount onto a damp sponge, clean off soil, rinse with clean water and polish up to gloss using a soft cloth. Use on cold surfaces only. Shake well before use.



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