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Mumbai-based Otto Waste Systems India Pvt. Ltd has introduced M.S. painted metal lid bins of 1100lt capacity. These are EN Standard bins.


• The bins are fabricated of steel sheets with suitable forming to give
• Proper strength to the container
• The steel sheets are 1.6mm thick and the top frame is 2.5mm
• The bins are provided with front striker plates to avoid damage to
• The body during operations
• Water drainage is provided at the bottom for easy cleaning
• It has lifting trunnion made of metal rods for being lifted by bin lifters EN / DN standard and handles for easy transportation
• Can be lifted by compactors having universal bin lifters of DIN standards
• It is epoxy painted to prevent corrosion


• Overall Height: 1250mm                           
• Width Length (with Lift hocks): 1320mm
• Width Length (without Lift hocks): 1200mm             
• Side width: 1045mm
• Bin cover of M.S.0.9mm sheet hinged at one end that opens freely while unloading
• Corrosion-resistant four wheels made of one piece fibre of 200mm diameter and swivelling through 360 degrees

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