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“Today clients demand not only quality washing, but also better hygiene standards. They look for cost effective, energy efficient and time saving laundry systems and cleaning chemicals,” says Atul Rawal, Director-Technical, Navin Polycon.

Delhi-based Navin Polycon, pioneers in the field of manufacturing mechanised laundry detergents and chemicals, has been in operation since 1989. With presence in many cities, Navin Polycon provides solutions to hotels, hospitals, commercial kitchens, housekeeping departments, commercial laundries in India & abroad.

“We have cleaning chemicals for housekeeping like floor cleaners, concentrated cleaners for glass, tiles, descalers and air-fresheners; disinfectants for hospitals and hard-surface cleaners & disinfectants for hotel rooms,” says Rawal. Besides the range of housekeeping chemicals, ‘Kare’, Navin Polycon also supplies the ‘Chef’ range for kitchen cleaning, comprising of grill cleaners, dishwash liquid, descalers, silver cleaners and steel cleaners.

“We supply chemicals to countries like Dubai, Sri Lanka and Australia. In India, cleaning chemicals are supplied directly from Delhi and through our distribution points in cities like Agra, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jammu and Rajasthan. Navin Polycon’s popular laundry detergent range ‘Super Bright’ has been much-favoured by our clients for the last three decades.”

The chemicals and detergents for laundry were introduced in 1977 by Asian Laboratories in the Indian market. “Those days it was first-of-its-kind laundry chemicals introduced for mechanised washing. When Asian Laboratories diversified into construction chemicals, the technical know-how and system was given to Navin Polycon.” The products are manufactured under American specification where low sudsing and high active matter are carefully maintained to assure consistency. Special care is taken to test each batch produced, before it leaves for delivery. “We use raw materials available within the country while maintaining the quality. Ours is an indigenous technology.

“The demand for these products is encouraging as more hotels and hospitals are coming up. With an excellent R&D team, we strive to meet client expectation with efficient cleaning products.

“For our new clients, we also conduct regular training programmes to guide them on the use the chemicals and also to audit the quality. Currently, the auditing is being conducted by our QC department, soon we are planning to have an independent agency to do the audits,” says Rawal.

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