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Mechanised Sweepers and Cost Efficiency

RMCL has a range of Hamster-Walk behind series for smaller and congested areas and ride on sweepers for large areas. A combination of both the machines is also recommended based on the investment pattern or budget of the clientele.

Roots Multiclean Ltd (RMCL) has been catering to all segments in India ranging from manually sweeping to mechanised sweeping operations. The smallest machine is Flipper Plus- hand pushed walk behind sweeper which RMCL has been offering since 1993. Venu Madhavan, Vice President-Sales, RMCL, informs “We also have walk behind petrol/diesel engine operated sweeping machine for external cleaning and battery operated machine for indoor sweeping applications. Higher range comes in the form of ride on sweepers or suction sweepers. It is also known as vacuum sweepers. Basically, it is a suction sweeper powered by diesel / petrol or a battery operated one.

“RMCL has been supplying these three models to various segments based on the area of application. Wherever LPG refilling facility is available, we are also providing LPG powered equipment to the customers. RMCL has a range of Hamster -Walk behind series for smaller and congested areas and ride on sweepers for large areas. A combination of both the machines is also recommended based on the investment pattern or budget of the clientele,” Madhavan adds.

Talking about the benefits of mechanised cleaning, Sudhir Patil, Asst Manager, Greaves Cotton Limited, Pune, says, “We have outsourced the job on a turnkey basis to an outsourcing agency that has purchased indoor and outdoor sweepers. The sweepers are efficient, take less time and maximum area gets covered. Our shop floor area is 80,000sqft for one shop and 60,000sqft for another shop where 15 engines and six engines are manufactured respectively.” Sweepers are used for shop floor cleaning.One skilled labour is required to run the machine. Earlier five to six people were required to do the job. Echoing similar views, T Srinivas, Quality Systems Officer, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, says, “Two mechanised sweeping machines have been deployed by the outsourcing agency for indoor and outdoor areas covering a total area of 2500sqft.”

Economics of mechanisation

With the ever increasing awareness of the customers, India is steadily developing into an exciting market for Sweeper manufacturers

Market for sweepers is growing and there is a need for choosing the right sweeping machine in terms of productivity, area to be covered and the dust to be dealt with. Raja Mukherjee, National Head – Training and Technical Services, Eureka Forbes Ltd, says “Mechanised sweeping can help save 50, 000 per month as it can help replace manpower of six people. Despite this, due to lack of technical knowledge, end users tend to buy whatever is the cheapest and most economical in their portfolio. A machine which is under capacity for a particular application is purchased just because it fits into the budget. Even this happens with an FM company which might not be having the budget for the right kind of sweeping machine.”

Price difference between a manual sweeping machine and a hydraulic sweeping machine is huge. It is two or two and a half times more. “Whereas a manual machine costs 6 lakh, a Hydraulic machine costs around 15 lakh. As a part of budgeting, customer has the tendency to buy two machines of 6 lakh each, which again is unscientific,” Raja adds.

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