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Mechanised Sweepers and Cost Efficiency

Mechanised sweeping machines, today, find great utility in challenging environments ranging from a dust prone indoor area to industrial premises requiring clearing of heavy dust. Categorised mainly as indoor and outdoor sweepers on the basis of size, area of application and capacity, the machines have the efficiency and attributes to pick up fine dust, debris, litter, bolt, nuts, pebbles etc from rough, rugged and smooth surfaces.

Right model of sweeper should therefore be chosen based on its application. Often it happens that choice of wrong models leads to under-utilisation and inadequate utilisation of the machine invested on. The objective of buying the mechanised sweeping machine should therefore be to offer value for money. Says Jayachandra Rao, Head-Operations, Alano Motors Pvt Ltd, “Besides the enormous saving in revenue, it is the dustless, uniform and unconstrained cleanliness which pays back. Mechanisation is also an answer to the usual human drawbacks such as non-availability of labourers required for sweeping jobs, absenteeism, inefficiency, dissatisfaction, mishandling of peripherals and labour unions.

“Besides that, most of the machines available in India have been designed overseas for the conditions prevailing in their regions (Mostly European). That is why, these machines may not quite prove to be the best options for Indian conditions,” he adds.

Looking into the administrative constraints in handling direct labours on pay roll in India, it is ideal to go for direct mechanisation or to outsource the sweeping jobs to building service providers.

We have also started offering LPG models of sweepers since the last year which are environment friendly. A lot of customers have started opting for such models.

“A site audit is generally done and a model is recommended based on the customer’s requirement. The current scenario is that a wrong machine often a smaller one is generally purchased on non- technical grounds with the intention to satisfy the audit requirement and not on the actual application,” says Vivek Mata, MD, Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd.

Mechanised Sweepers: A multi utility tool

A range of walk behind, battery, diesel and petrol operated sweepers fall under the category of mechanised sweepers. Generally, ride on sweepers are battery and engine operated and are used externally. When used internally – they are used for basement car parks.

Walk behind sweepers are used in factories, small industries, hotels and basement car parks. Sweepers used for external cleaning find applications in industrial roads, pavements and basement parking areas. Charnock is catering to malls, airports, hotels, hospitals and big residential complexes by offering entry level to mid segment level of sweepers. Larger segment of sweepers are used in industries like cement and manufacturing. Normally, walk behind battery operated sweepers and entry level battery operated ride on sweepers are used for indoor cleaning. This ensures that there is no air and noise pollution and cost on maintenance also gets reduced. These machines are equipped with special filters to cater to various industry segments. “We have also started offering LPG models of sweepers since the last one year which are environment friendly. A lot of customers have started opting for such models. We have exclusive marketing rights of RCM sweepers from Italy for these equipment,” informs Mata.

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