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Mechanisation reduces resource consumption

Innovation in cleaning technology has spearheaded the conservation of water, fuel and power, leading to sustainable cleaning practices. By implementing few of the below strategies and technologies, clients can achieve significant savings while maintaining effective cleaning processes. These methods not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to environmental sustainability by conserving natural resources.

Here are tips from Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd to minimise consumption of utilities

Choosing the right machine: First and foremost, selecting the most suitable cleaning machine for a specific task can prevent unnecessary resource consumption.

High pressure jet sprays: High pressure cleaning methods can effectively remove dirt and contaminants in a more consistent manner, with use of less water as compared to manual cleaning methods that use a pipe or bucket of water for cleaning. You can also control the flow of water as per your required application. This makes it an environmentally responsible choice that helps conserve water. Charnock offers a range of high pressure jet sprays with varying bar pressures and options for cold as well as as hot and cold pressures that will assist in effective cleaning.

Variable speed motors: Machines with variable speed motors can adjust their power consumption based on the cleaning task and reduce energy consumption.

Electric powered machines: Electrically powered cleaning machines are often more energy efficient compared to those running on fuel. They can save on fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Auto shut off: Timers and sensors that indicate the battery or fuel consumption help in increasing machine life and prevent unnecessary usage of energy.

Maintenance and upkeep: Regular maintenance and servicing of cleaning equipment ensures that it operates at peak efficiency, preventing malfunctions that could lead to wastage of water and energy.

Proper operator training: Properly trained operators, with the right skills and knowledge, can use cleaning machines efficiently, avoiding overuse of water, fuel and power. Charnock provides regular refresher training to the operators on proper machine usage.

Smart technology: Modern cleaning machines come with IoT capabilities, allowing users to monitor and optimise their performance remotely. Data analysis can help identify areas for improvement. Charnock’s range of new machines will soon be enabled with data tracking systems.

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