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IP Cleaning India matches cleaning solutions to cleaning needs

IP Cleaning India compiles the ways in which the warehousing environment can be made more functional and comfortable to work in with just a few effective cleaning activities, using appropriate equipment or machinery that can make all the difference.

What tools or machinery to use?

For large areas like the loading and unloading bays, the heavy-duty dual-powered sweepers (IPC 1404 DP-P/D battery with petrol/diesel versions) can be employed to clean internal areas (with battery power) and external areas of the warehouse (with engine power). This hybrid alimentation technology allows the machine to work both indoors and outdoors, leading to significant savings of fuel and a consequent reduction of emissions.

For small-medium surfaces where easy/fast cleaning can be carried out frequently, a compact vacuum cleaner that collects dust and small residue from the floor and horizontal surfaces can be the most effective option. If the vacuum cleaner is (IPC YP 1/5 Backpack) shoulder-mounted, the results can be even more effective, because moving between several obstacles can be very easy and takes less time. It is ideal for cleaning tiled floors and hardwood floors. Equipped with telescopic tube, it cleans narrow, small, high and deep spaces.

On very dirty floors, we should consider using specific wringers equipped with microfibre mop frames. For larger areas with important dimensions, it is advisable to use specific machineries, such as professional vacuum cleaners (IPC Aspiro 151) and/or scrubber driers, either ride-on or walk-behind models (IPC CT40, CT80 & CT160) for repackaging and storage areas.


Scrubber driers are high performing machines and deliver long-lasting results over time. In addition, the compact mini scrubber-drier models (IPC CT5) are extremely intuitive, and easy to operate for anybody, even for less experienced workers. The li-ion battery powered scrubber drier is one of the smallest and lightest automatic scrubbers on the market. The machine can easily be carried from place-to-place, or transported on a cleaning cart such as the IPC Brix, making it perfect for cleaning small offices or common restrooms.

Mops and mopping

Industrial or scissor-shaped dust mops (IPC ‘V’ Sweeper) can also be a good tool to get satisfactory results in no time for relatively small aisle surfaces. These mops can be equipped with a pre-impregnated cloth that removes dirt without leaving stains or halos, and can sanitise any type of floor.

Motorised dry mopping can be carried out on all kinds of floors in storage areas with the help of a Mopping Scooty (IPC CT 3900). This machine is the combination of the traditional mop and electric vehicle replacing the manual push mop, greatly reducing the labour. One machine is capable of completing the job that can be done with 10 labourers using the traditional push mop, thus making it highly efficient and resulting in labour, time and cost savings.

Steam cleaners

Another useful machine for all kinds of floors (especially the hardwood ones) is the Steam Scrubber (IPC Duplex 340). Steam floor cleaners clean without the need for aggressive chemicals. This makes the use of steam floor cleaning equipment both ecologically friendly and economically sound.

IPC Mopping Scooty CT 3900Cleaning at heights

For cleaning heights in warehouses, the ‘IPC SkyVac Commercial’ vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice. It obviates the need for expensive equipment to reach heights, such as scaffolding, special ladders or cherry pickers. SkyVac with its Carbon fibre technology can easily reach external and internal heights such as gutters, high ceilings and roofs. This technology reduces the lifting effort (each pole weighs just 310 grams) and one can connect up to eight poles to reach heights upto 12 metres. The model comes equipped with a waterproof monitor and a fully recordable camera to control all vacuuming operations from the ground level.

Beyond machines

While the machines are essential for cleaning large expansive spaces, tools and manual cleaning methods complement the process. It is the microfiber mops with swivel heads, microfiber dusters, cobweb brushes with telescopic poles, pipe brushes, and glass & ACP cleaning tools like ‘IPC Cleano’ that cover the difficult-to-reach areas.

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