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Marble surface visually enhances any interior space. They are elegant, durable, extremely sturdy and virtually indestructible but marble tables are also susceptible to moisture if left unsealed. Marble is different from other types of stone surfaces – it is very porous and shows stain more. Marble is highly susceptible to water rings and water marks. When a glass is set down on a marble table, condensation can drip down the outside of the glass and create a pool of water. When the water evaporates, various minerals in hard water transfer white deposits onto the marble, dulling the table’s natural luster. If you clean a marble table with an acidic cleaning agent, the surface will pit and scar and be more prone to stains. Harsh detergents will ruin the surface, so it is important to clean it with gentle cleaning agents. Promptly address water spots on a marble table before they set and become stubborn to clean.

  • Marble table tops should be cleaned first to remove loose crumbs & grime. Then gently wipe with a wet microfibre rag.
  • Make sure the table is fully clean otherwise a terrycloth towel can be used to wipe until dry.
  • Lightly scrub the water-stained marble with dry and super fine steel wool. Rub the steel wool in circular movements over the table until the water spots disappear.
  • If white stains still persist on the marble surface try a home-made solution: Drench the rag cloth in (two drops) ammonia, (2tbsp) hydrogen peroxide and (1/2 cup) water concoction. Leave the wet rag on the marble to permeate the water spot for 24 hours and rub the water spot with the steel wool. Wipe the marble table with a clean, water-soaked microfibre rag to rinse off the concoction.
  • Immediately blot up liquid spills to prevent water spots.
  • Natural acid solutions, such as vinegar and commercial acid cleaners discolour marble tables.
  • Abrasive cleaners and cleaning products scratch marble tables.

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