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Mantra for best cleaning results

[box type=”shadow” ]Consistency, quality and constant training are essential for best cleaning results in any given hotel, says Babulal, Senior Executive Housekeeper, The Fern Hotel Jaipur.[/box]

Uniformity in cleaning is possible only with the right kind of training and knowledge. “I make sure that each and every part of the hotel has the same kind of cleaning. On a daily basis, I personally visit the entire hotel area two to three times a day,” says Babulal. The housekeeping staff receive training on a weekly and fortnightly schedule. Thus, ensuring that the knowledge base of the workers in terms of chemical dilution, SOPs, right methods of cleaning and processes are refreshed periodically. This is all the more essential today because in many places one can find freshers taking up housekeeping without any basic background knowledge of the science of cleaning.

At many places today, workers are engaged directly on site without proper induction course. This is one of the main reasons for improper cleaning, especially with usage of chemicals, resulting in damage to the property and image of the organisation. “Basically, one has to make sure that the chemicals being applied are suitable to the property and the surfaces thereof. There are three-fold points to be observed:

  • “Chemicals should have proper treatment capability for cleaning. Further, it should not harm the property over a period of time.” Chemicals when applied, give a clean effect but some chemicals over a period of time tend to erode the surface leaving it dull and lack-lustre. “So along with the chemicals, it is important to obtain proper certificates with complete MSDS from the supplier.”
  • “Over and above, effective dilutions and proper training is a must from the chemical supplier. Buzil Rossari has made a great presence at our hotel either to give demos or training.”
  • “Lastly, cost effectiveness is prime.” It the amount of chemical being used to get the desired results is high, then the spend of chemicals too will rise. Hence, the chemicals being chosen should be measured for its cost effectiveness and eco-friendly nature before being purchased.

On a daily basis, about 3600sqft area is maintained by the housekeeping. “We strictly enforce the standards of housekeeping established for the hotel. We also identify activities that add value to the housekeeping department.

“We trained the staff so that they have proper knowledge about each and everything related to housekeeping. Because they are the one who will be utilizing the resources on a daily basis. Proper dilutions are always required to enhance maximum utilization. In short, every factor plays an important role,” explains Babulal.

“We have engaged Buzil-Rossari; the company provides good chemicals in terms of coverage area, dilution and prices. Whether it is for surface, toilets, floors, or kitchen, the solutions offered are good.”

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