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Model: Chemicals — Pine Oil, Dipentene, Anthamber Tops, DHM Tops, Turpentine Oil, Residues, Fragrances, Camphor Oil, IBA, Anthamber FG, DHM FG, Geraniol FG, Linalool, Fabric Softener, Fabric Care Chemicals, Hard Surface Cleaners Raw Material, Dishwash Chemicals


• Polymers for Stain Removal and Colour Protection in Liquid Detergent
• Mild Surfactants for Dish Washing Liquid and Laundry Liquid Detergent
• Hard Surface Cleaning Polymers for Kitchen, Glass and Tile Cleaning
• Long lasting fragrances compatible for different industries
• Pine Oil Available in 22%, 32% and 42% grades
• Turpentine Oil is from genuine Plant Sources and not Petroleum Base
• Camphor Oil available in 3 grades – Low, Medium, Heavy
• Various Residues of Perfumery Chemicals available as low cost substitutes for cleaning industry
• Various tops from Water white colour to yellow and brown variations also available
• Imported Chemicals meeting global standards • Available in Carboy and Barrell Packing.


Chemicals for manufacturing white phenyl, green phenyl, black phenyl, perfumed phenyl, paint, floor cleaner, liquid detergent, kitchen cleaner, tile and glass cleaner, dishwash and laundry detergent, dhoop and agarbatti, textiles, perfume and pharma


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