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Laundry is a place where linen comes in bulk from various customers and goes out in batches with the right linen reaching the right customer. “This accuracy is what we ensure,” says Anne de Boer, President of Netherlands-based ABS Laundry Business Solutions

In the business of linen rental or just processing linen from customers, the control of incoming versus outgoing is very important. Unfortunately, the end customer often blames the laundry for losing his/her items because ‘outsiders’ can’t imagine how the internal processes in the laundry work. They just can’t imagine that a laundry is able to mix and sort afterwards again. Counting the incoming merchandise and checking the amount that is being delivered, is so very important. The soil counting could be done manually, using simple, reliable counting frames or fancy vacuum sorting systems.

The ABS system supports all three of them and has developed standard interfaces with all known international vendors that makes interfacing just very simple,” says Anne de Boer.

“Further, in more and more modern laundry operations we see sorting system for garments: as well on the soil as on the clean side. These systems can only work highly efficiently when the data is directly retrieved from the central database, where all the transactions are captured in. ABSSolute™ offers such a system where the logistics, the administration processes and the billing is based on just one database. Putting a barcode in customer items or in linen rental items offers opportunities for automated recording. Interfacing with barcode printers is also a standard function of a modern branch specific IT solution like ABSSolute. Standard interfaces are available with all modern equipment of recognized vendors to the market. With over 400 installations, ABS is the recognised automation and logistics solution leader worldwide.

“We provide a forward-looking information management system and the means to optimise business processes. The scalability of our applications warrant that the system could grow with your business and additional functionality can be installed without costly and timely migration processes.”

ABS Laundry Business Solutions offers:

  • Garment and Mat Tracking/Stockroom Management, Order processing and Stockroom Handling, Automated Sorting System Interfacing
  • Linen/Flatwork Management, Merchandise Control, Soil Counting
  • Operating Theater/Clean Room, Recall Function, Pack Tracking
  • Residential Work Logistics, Soil Sorting & Marking, Computer Assisted & Clean Sorting Support
  • Production Information and Management, Productivity and Time Registration
  • Special modules like: Container/Hamper Tracking, Scales Linking etc.
  • Mobile applications supporting multiple branches of Hand Helds
  • E-Commerce: Internet Ordering and Information Services
  • Invoicing/Route Accounting & Account Receivables

Each of these ABS laundry business solutions provide a combination of functionality and technology. The system being modular and based on an open design could be used as an integrated system or as modules interfacing with internally developed or even third party systems. It can also be expanded in stages to meet specific over time developing requirements. It uses state-of-the-art technology and software development tools for data modelling, application design and development.

It helps review information like services provided to customers, employee usage, productivity of direct labour, pending orders to suppliers and their performance, overcoming the limitations of traditional Route Accounting Systems and contract management. “Getting a contract singed is one thing, but follow up on the shop floor is completely another ball game.

Integrated systems like ABS Solute help staff on the floor to what is agreed with the customer and bill the activities / services at the rate that is agreed on.” Thus the ABS software integrates all of the laundry business operations into an overall system for planning, controlling and monitoring the entire business.

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