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Managers Machines & Management

There are varied machines in different premises where laundry is being set up either out of necessity or as a business enterprise. However, the basics of machines and management remain the same in similar cases.

When we take into account large laundries with high quality output or medium laundries with appropriate machines, the points commonly considered include having quality machinery & accessories.

The other points include chemicals & detergents both for wet & dry cleaning; water parameters, its storage, distribution and reuse, and discharge into main drainage through ETP / STP; stable electricity & heating / pressing medium; stores facility; security; and firefighting
equipment, PPE, breathing apparatus, ventilation fans and AC, and accessories and facilities like packing material and hangers; and dining, potable water, tea or energy drinks at regular intervals, & resting facilities, as also recreation & toilet / bathing facilities for staff.

[box type=”shadow” ]Other points could be

  1.  HRD – time, office, recruitment of staff, & accounts
  2.  Sales & marketing team for getting new customers & retaining them, through their feedback & quality
  3.  Innovations / trials, & garments / fabrics knowledge
  4. IT – marking of garments & records of garments / linen / clients & guests
  5. Complaints / mistakes feedback & kaizen (continuous improvement)
  6.  Feedback from competitors, society and suppliers


Having trained manpower and workforce in service station factory, including maintenance, logistics, outlets (shops or collection centres) is equally essential. Health checkup of staff and counselling; dining facility; provision of potable water, tea or energy drinks at regular intervals; resting, recreation and toilet / bathing facilities for staff; and transportation facilities from pick-up points in the city / town. All these enables workforce retention, motivation and skill development.

Selection and commissioning of machinery

Planning of machinery area

  • machinery-areaArea excluding boiler & paraphernalia, compressor, maintenance office and stores can be calculated approximately in the actual area needed to be worked out when the project is on. This depends upon many factors, like where the laundry is situated / parsto be maintained / chute delivery or trolley delivery of soiled linen, etc
  • For a five-star in-house laundry, working for 12 hours per day, total area should be four times of the one occupied by all machinery for better working & maintenance. If the laundry works for 18-20 hours a day, area may be three or a quarter times. However, proper scheduling of soiled linen supply / uniforms and delivery needs to be meticulously planned. Proper pars for change are absolutely a must. Minimum clear ceiling height should be 13/14ft.

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