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[toggle state=”open” ]Anil SethiBe it an Audi or a Benz, it is overwhelming to have almost all leading brands rolling out classic models year after year in India. But these cars do require a professional touch for cleaning or maintenance. Manmachine Works offers professional car wash systems and solutions to garages. With a backing of over 27 years in the cleaning business, the trio – Managing Director Anil Sethi, Directors Karan Sethi and Kunal Sethi – has set out driving an unique car wash concept into the Indian auto market.[/toggle]

It is a common sight in most garages to be greeted with scattered hoses, puddles of water, oily floors, exhausted operators… But, in today’s race against time, a common car owner prefers a quick wash at a garage and frequents the more advanced service centres only at intervals. “In fact, every garage can offer professional car wash with our simple professional system,” asserts Anil Sethi.

The car wash solutions can be looked at in two ways – one by engaging professional solutions that ensure quick and quality results and two, by installing a car wash system to roll out speck-less cars in minutes.

car-wash-machine“We began with selling machines but were not satisfied with what we were doing. At Manmachine Works we wanted to exceed expectations. Bring something new. We changed our thought line.

“Normally, car washing centers are seldom designed well, to the extent that when the dealership grows and the number of cars inflow goes up centres are unable to manage. This happens even in the best of the garages. Resultantly, the washing done on cars is just a wish-wash,” laments Anil.

Solution Driven

Now, as a solution provider well equipped with the right equipment and solution, Manmachine Works engages in designing and consultancy with its customers before offering the right product backed by accessories. “We don’t just sell high pressure cleaner, we offer car washing system that are equipped with accessories that increase the productivity and work under Indian conditions. Tested at our own company, Express Car Wash, the accessories reduce the time consumed for a car wash.”

Looking at it from the operator’s point of view, standing amidst hoses and vacuums lying on the ground, Manmachine Works offers car wash booms that can be attached to ceilings or walls; thus, providing a free ground area and a 360 degree easy access to accessories.

“We are the only company offering complete accessories and full connect system that are standardised for all the machines. In the sense, with the press of a button, I can wash the car, foam the car, put attachment of waxing the car, attachment to under body of the car and so on. This quick connect works to a big advantage with operators.”

Even the smallest of the accessories make a difference in the down time and quality of car wash. Take a spray bottle, when there is a tray to place it, it is convenient for the operator. Further, it is also about the look and feel of where and how the car is getting washed. “We are washing international cars in a very local way. We ought to wash international cars in an international way.”


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