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As a start-up business, or even when one is looking at additional machinery to increase capacity of the set-up, one needs to plan purchases carefully and consider various factors before making the final pick. Zehen Arora, Director-Sales, Stefab India Limited, lists down some of the influential factors and the technologies that go into making a purchase.


Whether it is a commercial or retail laundry, a hotel, a hospital or any establishment for that matter, while buying the machine, some of the areas that need to be looked into include durability, advanced technology with maintenance systems, being both economical and efficient.

The machines should be flexible in terms of performance, capacity and number of programs to enable a user to process different types of garments and linen. Machines should be built to last and should be backed up by industry’s best manufacturing premises and technology.

Solid construction from high quality materials is important if you expect long-term use.Comparing with competitive brands to understand the technological & constructional differences can help ease the process of choosing the right long-term laundry partner.

What should you look for in a Laundry Machine? Whether it is a Washer extractor, Dryer, Dry-Cleaning Machine or an Ironer, the following points are extremely important to choose the right machine:

Ease of operation

The machine you select should have easy & automatic controls that make operation simple, allowing the operator to handle other tasks. With advanced computer display, the operator simply chooses the program as per the type of load, then pushes a button. Programs on the alpha-numeric display can be named to match items, making selection easy. In such cases, very little judgment is required, enabling new employees to understand the process quickly. This also enables the substitute employees to take over with ease.

Operational quality

Washing flexibility should not be sacrificed for operational simplicity. Only a commercial washer-extractor, with professional tumble washing action, can properly clean stained linen. Three- Beater with a large basket diameter design, enhances the tumbling action. This increases the level of cleaning, thus providing the lift & drop action necessary to clean hard-to-launder items. When comparing machines, compare actual cylinder dimensions along with the door size. A bigger door is always beneficial for easy loading & unloading.

Also, look for microprocessor controls which give a greater range of processing choices as well as more accurate control over how the load is processed. The pre-programmed formulas in automatic machines were developed specifically for the needs of healthcare facilities. They are not standard formulas. The formulas differ in number, type, time & temperature of cycles, as well as detergent supply injection. By pushing a few buttons, these formulas can be adjusted for different types of loads.

Solid construction

Strong construction from top quality materials is important if you expect long-term use. Check competitive brands to see if their construction stands up to industry’s benchmark specifications. Compare specification charts, there can be a big difference in quality; large, tapered roller bearings and a triple shaft seal to shield the bearings from water; the simplicity and dependability of heavy duty, single-speed motors; pre-extract load balancing speed to reduce vibration and extend machine life; construction with heavy gauge material.


Service is one of the most important factors while you choose your laundry equipment partner. Laundry Machines should be simple, durable yet giving the utmost advance features to cater to businesses of all types and sizes.

We understand breakdowns and it has always been our first priority to address complaints providing quick service and genuine parts to our customers.

Genuine Parts

It is the precision and quality of the spare parts, which make the machines efficient, durable and successful.


Users should always replace a broken/ faulty part with an authentic part. These parts should be the exact same parts that are built into the machines in the factory. There should absolutely be no difference between an original & the spare part.

These Spare parts are available locally as well and may cost less initially, but they are not engineered specifically for these machines. Often, they need to be replaced and can damage other parts and affect the performance. One has to be careful and it is always best to install authentic parts.

Original Parts are easier to install, their performance is better and they last much longer therefore reducing the maintenance costs and downtimes.

The laundry machines are used in almost every industry; thus, the footprint is extensive. The above factors can frame out an idea to choose the right laundry equipment for any user based in every part of the world.

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