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I think I’d enter the social field sometime and work for the society. I don’t mean doing social work but would like to see what can be done for the betterment of our society.

When I think of Mumbai and what I can do, the mind boggles because the city is in such a mess. You don’t know where to start. It’s over populated, there’s too much traffic too many people. But I guess people are also it’s best resource in one way.

What would I improve in Mumbai? If I have to start any where, it would be making people aware of the mess we are in and educating them. With education comes awareness and with awareness comes a conscience. That story about the oyster from chicken soup for the soul really remains imprinted in my mind. A boy and his father walk on the beach and the beach is littered with fish and the father would pick up one fish and throw it back in the sea and the son would say wha’ts the point there are so many fishes lying on the beach but the father would repeat his action and say “see I made a difference to that fish.” In the same way, if each person does just that little thing it’ll make a difference. So educating them, making them aware will make a difference. Imagine the amount of people here, if each does his own bit it’ll make a difference.

Over population is a huge problem; but we cannot legal action on people having more than one child as they do in China. We wouldn’t like anything like that happening in our country. But something needs to be done and starting from ground level one has to think in terms of literacy for the masses.

When you look around Mumbai, you feel there’s so much to do around here on the cleanliness front but, the city still continues to rock. You have to see the positive side too. Mumbai has so much to offer. If only its people felt more responsible about it, it would be a lovely place.

As told to Lata Khubchandani

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