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Clean and well-maintained office spaces — where the bulk of the operations takes place, where important administrative functions are performed day after day, where important meetings with clients are held or perhaps where potential recruits for a job are interviewed – is crucial.

When a client or customer enters a business facility, first impressions make all the difference. A clean office will promote the concept of hard work; a reflection valued by potential clients. Potential clients will not want to do business with an office that does not promote professionalism throughout the organization.

With this in mind, Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd has introduced PLANTA® SOFT P 313, a Green Building Compliant and Cost-Effective Ecological All- Purpose Cleaner. Planta Soft is a cleaner that is gentle and does not damage surfaces, but is effective in removing stains, dirt, and grease from various surfaces.

Office furniture like tables, chairs, doors and pedestals need more attention throughout the day and not just during the office cleaning time frame. These need to be cleaned and reviewed periodically to maintain its looks.

Special balanced blend of chemicals in the PLANTA@SOFT P 313 help to maintain such surfaces’ aesthetic looks forever. It works as a daily maintenance cleaner for any waterresistant and glossy materials, surfaces, floor, plastic, glass surfaces, glossy stones and tiled floors. The toxicity properties comply with requirements for areas handling foodstuffs. Hence, it is also suited for use in the sectors of the food industry such as canteen kitchens and catering business. The chemical dries very quickly without leaving any streaks or stains, which means lesser headaches and quicker turnaround times.

The biggest advantage of a PLANTA® SOFT P 313 is that it is the right cleaning solution for each individual surface. The non-corrosive and ecological nature of the product means that it can used without causing damage or degrade any of the valuable surfaces, fittings or floors.

• For daily maintenance cleaning of water-resistant and glossy materials, surfaces and floors
• Especially suitable for plastic and glass surfaces
• Suitable for glossy stone and tiled floors
• Suited for use in sectors of the food industry such as canteen kitchens and the catering trade

• Physical state: Turquoise-blue
• Odour: Characteristic
• pH-Value (at 20°C): 6,5 – 7,0
• Water solubility: Miscible in water

• All-purpose cleaner
• Excellent cleaning performance
• Dries fast and streak-free
• Leaves high gloss
• Environmentally friendly
• Suitable for use with a scrubbing dryer
• Toxicity properties comply with requirements for areas handling foodstuffs


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