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Letters to the Editor(June 2021)

Focus on cleaning as a science

The magazine’s presentation and approach towards the subject matter are perfect, particularly the ones related to cleaning equipment and facility management. Clean India is the only leading journal in this specific segment that helps everyone with new trends and updates in the industry.

As the industry is maturing, it is now important for Clean India to focus on publishing technology-based solutions in our industry, technical product reviews by industry veterans, and different product solutions for different segments.

The product reviews, specifically in the case of chemicals, must carry laboratory results verifying that the product has been tested, the formulation chemistry details, the results produced, the variations under Indian conditions, and so on. Together we make India a better place to live.

Swwapnil Dathia
MD Protek Korchem Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Love the editorial introductions

hether it is the renewed importance of residential housekeeping in the pandemic, new perspectives on indoor air quality or myths and realities in the current, all articles offered interesting and thought-provoking perspectives.

The emergence and importance of contactless technology in Indian facility management and the amazing insight into India’s recycling genius in past issues were exciting reads and provided much food for thought.

I especially loved the small editorial write-ups before every article and the good quality print and photos. Looking forward to the next issue with lots of enthusiasm!

Dr. R. Sukanya
Consultant – Clinical Microbiology, Infection Control and Prevention, Infectious Diseases, Quality Accreditation & Training, Bengaluru.

More stories on hospital FM

My relationship with CIJ began way back in 2005. It has helped me a lot. During the pandemic, the digital issues have been very useful for me. I would like to read more about facility management initiatives internationally, especially about hospitals. My good wishes to the whole CIJ team for the future.

Viswanathan Thekkinath
Manager, Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, Kerala


Unmatched contribution to FM

Clean India has been able to greatly help me with all the required knowledge, new technology, methods, best practices in the facility management industry. I truly appreciate and thank Clean India for what they have been doing for years. Their contribution towards the FM industry is unmatched. I look forward to keep learning in times to come.

Dharmvir Singh
Assistant Vice President – Ops &BD (North & East), New Delhi