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Letter to the Editor – March 2022

Clients ask us about our articles

Since we became associated with Clean India Journal, I can say this without an iota of doubt that we see better brand recognition from all kinds of industries, from corporates to government clients. I have received feedback from many of our clients, asking us about the articles and advertisements printed in the magazine. Through Clean India Journal, we were able to reach out to the masses and showcase the work we are doing in the FM and waste management industry.

Amit Salunke
CEO, Sumeet Group

Adds value to the industry

Clean India Journal has not only contributed to the awareness about the cleaning profession but also given a voice to issues regarding the same, all the while featuring the latest technology and creating marketing networks. Clean India is a mission in itself and adds value to this industry, a platform we all can use to create sustainable, happy clean spaces using innovation and automation.

Indu VIjaykumar
Director, i-team India

Helped us grow our reach

The reach of our products and services is much faster because of our advertisement campaign with Clean India Journal. It is reaching the hands of the right people and a lot of business opportunities are getting created because of this brand building. Undoubtedly, the team is working towards helping us achieve our goals in terms of reaching where we want to go in the next three to five years. Our association with Clean India Journal will go a long way.

Narayanan Raghavan
CEO, Rent-A-Towel

Did not expect such a large Expo

I attended a Clean India Expo some years ago in Mumbai, and was surprised to meet so many of my industry peers under one roof. There were so many manufacturers of cleaning chemicals and equipment; I had not expected to see anything like this and was pleasantly surprised.

Vijayalakshmi Subramani
Director, Ganpathy Manpower Pvt Ltd

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