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Letter to Editor – January 2022

“Clean India Journal helps us predict the future market”

What made you subscribe to Clean India Journal?
Ashirbad Group of companies has subscribed to Clean India Journal to gather information about the latest trends in the facilities management business. It features all business information, including current events and their impact on business, along with all the latest tools and techniques to tackle any situation.

Are the articles helping you in your business?
Yes, we are able to understand the consumer buying trends and changes in the market. This is helping us predict the future market/growing market in the industry and helps us cater to the potential market, which helps us generate revenue. It also helps us understand the new tools and techniques used by various industries in similar markets, which will help us retain our existing clientele.

Which article particularly drew your attention?
The Article that particularly grabbed our attention was titled ‘Individualised Approach to Warehouse FM’, about the trend of approaching facilities management for warehouses. It is very important for us to understand the functionalities and techniques to use for giving services in warehouses to maintain a clean, hygiene and safe environment. The article discussed the scope, scale, features, technology, machines, chemicals and tools used to service such facilities.

Do you think Clean India Journal covers current and relevant topics?
Yes, it helps us understand the current market situation and also helps us gain relevant knowledge about the tools and techniques used to service such facilities. It has helped us understand the need of the hour and how to make our services faster and better.
It helps us gain perspective from others in the similar industry, which helps us increase our horizon. CIJ helps not just us, but the entire facilities management industry to share knowledge with each other and provide our clients a clean and safe environment to work in.
Do you have any suggestions for what Clean India Journal should cover in coming issues?

Although Clean India Journal already covers most of the relevant subjects related to facilities management in India, it can share stories of the global management of the Covid situation in the facilities management industry to help us broaden our perspective from a global point of view and maintain a global standard of services in India.
We want to know methods and techniques used by service providers in different countries which we can incorporate in India. Also, work-from-home is not possible in our industry; services need to be provided in person, such as housekeeping, maintenance, security etc. We would like to have a few articles on how to motivate our staff during such times and make the work run smoothly.

Shibashish Dasgupta
Director, Ashirbad Group of Companies,
New Delhi

My connection to the global FM industry

I got connected to Clean India Journal in 2012 when I visited the Clean India Expo for the first time in Mumbai; since then, I am a regular subscriber of the magazine. I was new to the FM industry; Clean India Journal has been my main source of information and guidance for every aspect of the FM business. It has certainly played a major role in growing my business and kept me updated about the latest developments in the world’s FM industry. This is the reason I am able to remain attached to the FM world from a small place like Karad in Satara district, Maharashtra. The work of the magazine team is really excellent and commendable.

Chandrashekhar Chitnis
Director, Quartermaster Services Pvt Ltd, Satara, Maharashtra

Should be read by every housing society

I have been reading Clean India Journal for the past many years. As a provider of sofa and carpet cleaning services since 2008, I have used the magazine to keep myself updated about the latest products and technology in the market.

I request the magazine team to reach out to the Chairman and Secretary of all housing societies, which face many challenges in cleaning and maintenance. This will help educate them about the latest techniques available.

Nayan Gala
Proprietor, Fabric Care, Mumbai

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