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Lee Grand Auto Systems – Car Wash Systems

• Model: Tunnel Type Car wash system BX-901
• Operation Area: (L24m×W4m)
• Car Wash Machine Dimension: L×W×H: (L 12m×W 3.7m×H3m) conveyor: 14meter
• Average Water Consumption: 15L/per car (AFTER RECLAME)
• Average Electricity Consumption: it uses 0.4-0.6degree (380V) to wash one car, electric power 40 kw
• Wash Speed: 30-40 cars/Hour
• The shortest wash time per car: 45 seconds/car
• Waxes Water Contrast Gradient: 1:150(Water dilution) 20Kg/ barrel/2600 cars
• Scope of Application: saloon car, jeep, Mini microbus, Taxi and box type vehicle under 2.1meters
• Main Characteristics: Shape beauty washing speed quickly environmental protection and energy conservation No scratch the car paint safe and reliable.
• Tunnel Car washer Washing Flowchart:

The vehicle drives to guide systems →high pressure water spray →hairdressing foam insufflations →roof brush、front big brush back big brush rinse →back small brush cleaning→ Advanced polishing wax spray →powerful fixed air-dry systems

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