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Laundry pods to clean, soften and fragrance linen Combination of surfactants, enzymes and other molecules

An advanced, super-concentrated and water-soluble laundry detergent, BioWash Laboratories (P) Ltd’s PVA Film Pods are formulated by an American giant company which holds a prominent position as a world leader and pioneer in the laundry detergent industry landscape.


  • PVA Film Pods have over 97% potent active liquid blend of powerful anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants that work synergistically to effectively eliminate the most stubborn soils.
  • Additionally, a dedicated team of enzymes aids in the biologically driven removal of indelible stains.
  • The resultant is a potent blend of product formulations with remarkably low chemical loadings.
  • The unique blend exhibits excellent wetting properties, surface tension reduction, emulsification, solubilisation and particulate removal properties.
  • It’s also retrofitted with a special clothing softening factor, essential oil and microcapsules fragrance, resulting in clothes transforming into a state of being stain-free, soft and brightly refreshed.
  • The incorporation of micro encapsulated fragrance enhances the clothing fabric, providing a delightful and aromatic fragrance that lasts for many days even after drying.


The machines employ state of the art technology with fully automatic capabilities, boast of excellent processing power and high production flexibility, and have the capacity to produce a minimum of 400 pods per minute.


  • Place one Jumbo Tri Chambers in the washing machine drum (Not in the detergent compartment).
  • Load 5-6 kg (10 -15 Nos) of soiled clothes in the machine drum (Front/Top loading washing machines). Add more pods as necessary based on the number of soiled clothes loaded in the machine.
  • Once the dirty laundry has been loaded, switch on the machine. The entire pod will then dissolve once the water starts filling the machine drum.
  • Once the machine-washing process and drying is complete, clothes will be infused with long lasting fragrance and will be stain-free, soft and bright

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