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Latest technology for air & surface disinfection

Harish Anantharaman, MD, Accelerated Cleaning Systems India Pvt. Ltd (Vibasafe) explains new-age solutions that overcome the disadvantages of older ones, and present several advantages of their own in the healthcare setting.

Nanobubble Aqueous Ozone (NAO)

An on-site produced extremely potent sanitiser and cleaner made using just raw tap water and electricity. Any disinfection process mandates deep cleaning prior to disinfection; we recommend NAO-based deep cleaning. Due to its oxidising approach to cleaning or inactivation, microbes can’t form resistance to it. At INR 0.0008 per litre, there is no better way to reduce costs and chemicals from your facility.

EMIST electrostatic spraying systems

Recommended for disinfection, it provides 360 degree coverage. Droplets cling aggressively to the surface when sprayed, and droplet size is big enough to provide efficient disinfection. The system can cover 55,000 sq ft in one hour.

The Emist eliminates all problems associated with foggers, and reduces chemical consumption and labour costs by 60-70%. All this, whilst covering hard-to-reach surfaces which no ordinary sprayer or fogger can.

Krypton lighting UV systems

Suggested for OTs and consulting areas, they perform continuous and consistent dual air and surface disinfection for occupied spaces. Unlike UV lights at 254 nm which, although very good at killing or inactivating germs, are extremely dangerous for skin and eyes, necessitating usage in closed or confined spaces in the absence of people, the Krypton 222 nm lighting is proven safe for skin and eyes, and also prevents photo-reactivation due to its varied inactivation mechanisms compared to regular UV.

Krypton 222 nm does not use mercury, provides instantaneous disinfection when switched on and can last for upto 15 years based on use. The system is funded by NASA and licensed by Boeing for disinfection in aircraft cockpits and flight decks.

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