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Lanxess solutions for disinfection, antimicrobial protection

The business Material Protection Products from Lanxess India Pvt Ltd, a leading specialty chemicals company, offer a wide range of active ingredients – phenolic derivatives, aldehydes, and quaternary ammonium compounds for the formulation and production of specialised disinfectants to all-purpose disinfectants for use in hotels, hospitals, surgeries, household, institutions, stables and sheds. The active molecules are made available as ready-to-use concentrates for application in household, industry, public institutions and animal husbandry.

The Lanxess active molecules are applicable for many daily use personal care and healthcare products. Therefore, it complies with regulations related to quality, health and safety requirements for use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, antiseptics and skin disinfectants. For example, liquid hand wash, hand sanitiser, antiseptic lotions, antimicrobial gel body washes, deodorant liquid soaps, deodorant sticks or body disinfectants are applied in the area of wounds.The Lanxess actives for personal care disinfection help keep pathogenic micro-organisms in check, break infection chains and maintain good health wherever in use.

In hospitals and similar institutions, where disinfection is indispensable, antimicrobials are needed to ensure a safe environment, prevention of further spread of pathogenic micro-organisms and implementation of an effective healthcare management. Aqueous pharmaceutical formulations need reliable and safe in-can preservation. Lanxess in-can preservatives and antimicrobials for these purposes are highly effective, safe in use and cost effective. For example, they can be used for cleaning surgical equipment, glass surfaces, floors, toilets and other sanitary cleaning.

Preventol CD601 is a ready formulated disinfectant concentrate with cleaning power, highly effective in combating and eliminating a broad spectrum of microbial activity arising from bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. This formulation combines the benefits of new generation phenolic active ingredients and stabilized aldehyde-based active ingredient to create a synergistic combination. It is proven to be effective where there is a high combination of blood and/or protein and against naked viruses. It is perfectly suited for surface disinfection in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, commercial establishments, manufacturing areas and animal houses. It is also ideal for protecting medical devices and instruments.

The range of phenolics includes Preventol CMK, OEXtra and ONExtra. These are used for the formulation of disinfectants of all-purpose disinfectants and liquid soaps, for use in hospitals, surgeries, industry, institutions, stables and sheds.

Preventol CMK, when used in combination with other phenolic active ingredients such as Preventol Oextra, ON extra and/or Preventol BP, is highly effective against lipophilic, enveloped viruses such as Herpes simplex, Hepatitis B or HIV viruses. It is recommended for use in formulation of aqueous alkaline solutions for strong dirt dissolving power and good miscibility with water and is preferable for heavy duty disinfection.

Preventol Oextra and ONextra: The AOX-free grade Preventol Oextra distinguished by its low acute toxicity, good biodegrability and as a non-sensitising active ingredient with only a slight odour. The halogen free grades Prevenol O extra and PreventolON extra have a broad and balanced spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeats and mould fungi. Preventol Oextra can be succesfully combined with a very small amount of Preventol GDA 50 in order to achieve a fully virucidal effect.

Preventol SB is an active ingredient for antimicrobial deodorant soaps, washing products, medicated cleansing products and other cosmetic deodorant products. It can also be used in toothpaste, bar soaps, shower gels, hygienic disinfection of fabrics and antibacterial finishing of plastics and fibres. This ready-to-use formulation is at least as effective as equivalent liquid soaps containing Triclosan/Triclocarban (TCC). TCC is highly effective against skin resident microflora and works well at low temperatures. It works continuously ensuring maximum antibacterial protection, long after application. It is insoluble in water so is not removed by rinsing once applied to the skin. It can be used for light or white colored products as it does not discolor.

Preventol BP has a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria (especially gram-positive cocci), yeast and mold fungi. When used in other phenolic active ingredients (those mentioned above) have high effectiveness against cocci and lipophilic, enveloped viruses such as Hepatitis B or HIV viruses.

As with other groups of active ingredients, the microbicidal effectiveness of Preventol BP can be affected by the formulating components of the disinfectant, the pH of the ready-to-use dilutions, the degree of contamination/germ count, the amount of dirt/protein, the hardness of water and the temperature.

Another interesting product range is DGH (Dodecylguanidinium Hydrochloride) which is a broad spectrum microbiocide for paper, paper board, industrial process water treatment, and oil and gas applications. It is non-corrosive, completely water soluble, has broad pH stability and is very effective against Sulphate reducing bacterias. Lanxess offers this product further to the acquisition of Verichem in 2011. All these products will be on display at the Clean India Show 2012 in December at Bangalore.

Thus, Lanxess’ expertise in chemistry and technical know-how brings out ingredients that can be used for sensitive, high impact applications in personal care, health care, home and institutional care and veterinary disinfection wherein the microbial activity is reduced to an acceptable level as defined for a purpose, a level which is harmful neither to health nor to the quality of perishable goods. With more than 30 active ingredients offered in over 100 specialty products and formulations, Lanxess offers a wide spectrum of environmentally compatible protection the world over.


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