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Goldust is a fully automatic composting machine which uses special microorganisms to break down and decompose all kinds of organic waste into compost with a volume reduction of 85-90%.

When organic waste is added to the Goldust, there is a humidity sensor in the machine that senses the moisture in the waste and if found positive, turns the heater on attached to composting tank and simultaneously there is a haft blade inside the machine that starts mixing the waste evenly as per the time set. Due to this, the water content in the organic waste starts evaporating. through the exhaust system. Any organic (food) waste contains 70-80% water content, hence we achieve 70-80% volume reduction at this stage itself. At the same time there are special microorganisms that get active after the temperature is reached at a particular level and start decomposing the remaining organic waste into compost. That’s how85-90% volume reduction is achieved. The process is completely noiseless as there is no crushing or grinding involved. The blades are just for evenly mixing the waste.

The entire process is natural and biological. The special microorganisms thrive in high temperature and even in high acidic or salty conditions.

Features of Machine

• No manpower is required for operation
• It is not just a shredder but a fully automatic wet waste processor
• Converts waste in to manure
• Comparatively most compact modal in solid waste management
• Garbage volume reduction is almost 85% to 90%.
• PLC based control.
• Touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface)
• Alarm for Motor failure, chain breakage, gearbox failure, blower fan malfunctioning and heater failure. Capacity = 10 kg Size: Approx. 0.8 m L x 0.6 m W x 1.0 m D

Hotel, Residential Complex, Commercial,  Canteen

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