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Models: Remote Controlled Automatic Perfume Dispensers, Air Freshener Dispenser like Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser, LCD Aerosol dispenser, LED Aerosol Dispenser, Remote Control Air freshener Dispenser

Electric Air Purifier/ Diffuser

High-speed purifying unit which uses Aromatherapy Essential Oil together with clean water to cleanse, freshen and purify surrounding air in a closed room. It moisturizes the environment and removes unpleasant odours neutralizes pollutants and other harmful substances. It helps to soothe the respiratory system for people prone to allergies cold flu.

Fragrance Type: 150 types of air freshener fragrance for rooms, cars and toilets — bright floral, green family, aquatic family, citrus family and gourmand family.

Model: Hand Spray Air freshener

Refills – 200 ml
Cotton Mist hand spray air freshener refill in 200ml can be used in manual dispenser or hand spray.
Manual dispenser is for toilets and bathrooms.

Model: CMK310E Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser
Type: Spray
Weight: 400gm
Battery: 2 Units (AA Size)
Time Interval: 7,15 & 22 Mins (Day, Night & 24 hr Format
Mode: Manual, Manual-Auto & Full Auto Display: LED

Model: Automatic Air Freshener Aerosol
Refills – 250 & 110 ml
Cotton Mist classic air freshener refill in 250ml and 110ml consist of natural essential oils extracted from plants and leaves.
Range: Coolwater, citrus, passion, Amiraj, lemon, lemon grass, mogra, dove, florentine, vibrant, mischief harmony, crispy, tropical paradise, hesper fun, lavender, corporate, rose, opulent & blue breeze

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