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With fast growing hospitality, healthcare and facility management services, laundry has continuously been under focus. Different fabrics require different formulations of detergents when it comes to machine wash.

There are other distinctions as well, such as oxygen formulas, laundry detergent with colour safe bleach alternative, or mild formulas made specifically for cleaning delicates. For those who are sensitive to additives, there are dye free and fragrance free options. In such a scenario, one must be aware of the latest laundry technologies and detergents, and their applications to meet one’s requirement.

Powdered laundry detergents with quick dissolve formula and complete application support & services provide optimum results but the basics must be right.

• It is best to add powder to the washer first and then start the machine

• Allow the laundry soap to begin dissolving before adding clothing

• Keep powdered laundry detergent in a dry place, because if it becomes damp, it may not dissolve well

Liquid laundry detergent being more convenient is now preferred over powder because there is no need to wait for it to dissolve. One can just programme a dispensing system or pour it in the washing machine and begin the wash cycle.

While nothing cleans quite like bleach, obviously bleach is not recommended for all clothing. There is an alternative – colour safe bleach. A laundry detergent with bleach alternative removes stains and brightens clothes.

Ensuring Longer Life

When it comes to delicate linen, there are extra mild formulas of laundry detergents available. It is recommended to read the label and contact the application and service specialist who will guide to get the best results. This way, the laundry products will not only help to get the clothes clean but will also help to keep them looking newer and last longer. Even if certain formulas tend to cost a bit more than others, they may be worth the extra expense. After all, replacing clothing can be very costly, so at times it is wiser to invest a few extra bucks per load on special laundry detergents to reap the benefits in the long run.

High efficiency detergent like Rosa Det XL is a specially formulated detergent suitable for use in the newer high efficiency washing machine models. These detergents are different from conventional detergent products in many ways. For example, a high efficiency laundry detergent produces fewer suds (low foaming) and makes rinsing of washed clothes an easier task. One of the greatest differences is low foaming leads to high energy and water savings. This falls in line with the mantra of saving energy and sustainability, which are the driving forces of a business.

While laundry stain treatments or detergents meant to lift difficult stains can be useful, they can also lead to the fabric colour getting faded. Hence, it is very important to rely on the expert advice and technically advanced products. Choosing a powder that can lift stains as well as brighten whites or coloured clothing can often help clothes that are regularly soiled to stay looking new for longer.


Special Concerns 

Kitchen: Dish towels, cloths and sponges really get around the kitchen and are a breeding ground for germs. In a recent study of kitchen bacterial contamination, 20% of the dish cloths and 12% of the sponges were contaminated with Salmonella, a leading cause of food borne illness in the United States.

Since food borne bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes in some conditions, it is important to wash towels and sponges often in hot water and liquid bleach. A convenient way to disinfect dish cloths and sponges in between washings, is to soak for five minutes in a solution of liquid bleach and warm to hot water for 65-75oC. Ideally kitchen surfaces/cloths should be disinfected daily

Disinfection of Laundry: Liquid bleach has a long history of use in places where disinfection is critical such as in hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants. Liquid bleach eliminates disease causing organism and provides a safer, healthier environment.

Improving Efficiency

A front loading high efficiency washing machine is designed to make optimum use of a small amount of water and still clean the laundry thoroughly. Because of the lower water level used during the wash and rinse cycles, conventional laundry detergents do not work well in the newer machines. Some of the laundry detergents could actually make the cycles off sequence – resulting in delays between cycles and interfering with the ability of the machine to rinse the clothing thoroughly during the rinse cycle.

By using specially formulated detergents such as Rosa Det, these issues could be addressed. With lower foaming action, there would be no residue clinging to the linen (No re-deposition) as the washing process progresses from one cycle to the next. This is especially important to the rinse cycle, as these detergents will not leave behind traces of the detergent after the laundry is completely rinsed.

Grease Monkey

The term “grease monkey” is an idiom that is used as a comparative phrase. In common vernacular, the term is used as slang to refer to a mechanic who works on automobiles. It draws upon the general perception that, due to the nature of the job, a mechanic will have grease marks or oil stains on his or her clothing. It also refers to a mechanic’s ability to delve into small spaces and fix problems that might otherwise be difficult for an average individual to access.

Few companies formulate special products and wash-formulas to take care of heavy grease and oil marks on the fabric and clothing. The wash formulas will also depend upon how old the stains are and how deep they have penetrated. There are products which are based on enzymes, emulsifiers, hard water conditions, fabric softener, oxygen and chlorine bleach, and neutralizer.

Sumeet Verma

Business Head-India, Buzil Rossari LLP

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